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Custom Plastic Mold

Custom plastic Mold plastic molds can be divided into compression molding mold, injection mold, extrusion mold, blow mold hollow products, thermoforming molds depend on press molding method. In addition to the above listed types of plastic mold, there are other forms of plastic mold. Such as the slush mold, reaction injection mold, foam mold, low pressure fiberglass reinforced […]

Plastic injection molding Manufacturing

Plastic injection molding Manufacturing Plastic Molds and Plastic injection molding is one of the most commonly used molding processes used globally. There are many interesting facts regarding plastic injection molding machines. Injection molding machines vary in sizes they can range to a size of table to as large as your whole room as well. Some injection […]

What is Green Sand Casting Mix

What is Green Sand Casting Mix? Green sand casting is a mixture of VERY fine Sand and clay in specific proportions, which readly forms the shape of objects that it is packed around. It can be made with water. When squeezed in the hand it retains the shape of your hand when you let go. […]

plastic injection molding China

Plastic Injection Molding China In the modern era, plastic injection molding China has gained the maximum popularity all across the world sue to its unique and exclusive molding services. The expert mold makers in China highly focus on the individual needs and preferences of the targeted community via market survey. Another most important factor is the use […]

Plastic Mold Manufacturer In China

Plastic Mold Manufacturer In China A plastic mold manufacturer has many other things to look beyond the basic strength, which is mold manufacturing process. This is so very true in the context of business functions and high end operations that require multidimensional talents and approach. In the present global scenario, the need to pace up with the […]