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Achieving arrow straight locks when your hair is thick constitutes you choosing the best straightener for thick hair to begin with! Thick hair is a bit tougher to deal with, but can certainly be managed. Even thick, straight hair tends to be coarse, and for smooth, shiny, straight hair there are three basic necessities in any hair straightener you choose.

Choosing the best straightener for thick hair:

The first characteristic you should look for is the highest possible heat settings. The maximum heat delivered by the leading models on the market ranges between 380 and 450 degrees F. If you have thick hair, always choose a model that is capable of being heated to 450F. Thick hair holds up to heat better, so with careful use, you won’t stress, damage or burn your hair.

Secondly, if you plan only to use the tool to straighten your hair, and won’t use it for a lot of curling, flipping or twisting, then select a model with wider plates, preferably at least 2 inches wide. These types are rated as a best straightener for thick hair and do the best job of straightening thick, coarse hair in the least amount of time.

Finally, the model you select should employ ceramic tourmaline heaters which emit a steady flow of negative ions. These ions dispel static electricity, and in doing this calm your hair and make it easier to manage. They also allow for more efficient sealing of your hair’s cuticles, locking in natural moisturizers. Finally, they also create infrared heat which is a more gentle way of heating your hair. The result will be that you can safely use higher heat, achieving the desired results without damage. Among the leading hair straighteners on the market, the following all allow for 450F heat and employ ceramic tourmaline technology.

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cold air hair curler

Waves of rippling hair, blowing in the wind or glistening silkily in the lamplight – dazzling, sensuous masses of curls spilling over your shoulders – these are the reasons why you use curling irons to freshen up your look and make your hair look more glamorous and interesting

Although curling irons are a great way to pep up plain, straight hair, and can totally change your look from ordinary to fabulous in a matter of half an hour or an hour, the way they operate – by heating up a barrel of metal or ceramic around which your hair is wound – means that you also have a very hot object close to your fingers and those of anyone else who happens to be sharing the space you live in.

Depending on how much heat you need to curl your hair – with softer, finer hair needing less heat (and, indeed, being likely to be damaged – frizzed, burned, or dulled – by too high a temperature) – your curling iron’s barrel will be anywhere from 200?to 400? Fahrenheit (93? to 204? Centigrade), which is more than enough to give a human finger, or the inquisitive nose of an unsuspecting cat or dog, a nasty blister should they accidentally touch it.

You are probably using a ceramic air hair curler, which is in many ways the best kind of curling iron available on the market today, since it keeps your hair safe and provides good results, with little risk of damage. However, the virtues and advantages of the ceramic cold hair hair curler irons are also things that make it even more likely to give someone an accidental burn when it is not being used. These irons heat very quickly, with the heat distributing smoothly and evenly throughout the barrel – but ceramic also tends to retain heat longer than metal, so the iron is likely to stay at a skin-singing temperature for a lengthier period of time than a metallic one.

For your own safety and that of others who live in the same house – including adults, children, and pets – you should not forget to get a curling iron holder as well. Curling iron holders are items that let you place your curling iron in a spot where it is safely out of the way, blocked off from contact with incautious hands by various heat-proof substances. With one of these in your possession, you can put away your hot curling iron in a safe place where it will not harm you or anyone else, and can cool off to a safe temperature without you needing to worry about it inflicting any damage to what it is lying on, either.

One of the two major types of curling iron holder is a “mitt” holder made out of heatproof cloth – rather like an oven mitt or welding gloves, but with the hot object contained on the inside rather than being on the outside. A typically-sized curling iron fits into one of these holders like a pistol into a holster, and is kept safely insulated while it gradually cools. The advantage to these holders is that they cannot be knocked over, while their disadvantage is that since the cloth is highly insulating, it will take a long time for your curling iron to cool.

The other type is a chrome steel cylinder which stands upright and into which you place the barrel of your curling iron. The cylinder is simple but rather attractive looking, and has the advantage that since metal conducts heat well, your curling iron will cool faster than in a “mitt”-style holder. However, this kind of holder could potentially be knocked over, so it is not quite as certain to keep your curling iron under wraps as the mitt holder will.

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ceramic hair straightening iron

Ceramic hair straightener will be the best

There is lots of range of prices for the different hair straighteners on the world market today. With a very little knowledge regarding to the different hair styles and features, you will find a hair straightening iron right for you in no time.

one thing need to remind you that the hair straightener price does not necessarily equal quality, that means buying the high price hair straightener not be good for you. It is best to take a look at material and the technology to the hair irons, so you don’t break the bank while trying to have the straight hair do you have always wanted.

The first thing you should consider is the type of metal that is used to straighten the hair. Certain metals on less expensive hair irons are rather harmful to your delicate hair. Aluminum metal plates should be avoided because over time your hair will become damaged and more brittle. If you are unable to purchase an iron without aluminum plates then make sure you do not use it everyday. It also helps to use heat treatments on your hair to protect it. Remember if you do not start out with healthy hair it is much easier to damage your hair even further! choice the ceramic hair straightener will be your best option to care your hair healthy.

Ceramic Hair Straightener Tools Are Best

Unlike inferior aluminum plates, ceramic plates are ideal for a hair iron. These types of plates have been introduced into the market and are making a huge difference on hair styles. The ceramic plate has a very smooth texture and allows the distribution of heat to be even throughout. Having the heat distributed properly keeps you safe from hot spots on the plate, which could cause burn marks in your hair. Ceramic plates also heat up much quicker and hold their heat much longer than aluminum metal plates. Ceramic plate irons are essential for people with fine hair because it is much easier to damage and burn.

Avoid Cheap Ceramic Hair Straightening Products

Your hair should be important to you, so do not settle for a product that could damage your hair significantly. Buying a cheap hair straightener may save you some money now, but it will force you to buy repairing serums and oils for your hair later. It is possible to buy a good ceramic plate hair iron for under $100, so look at online auctions and other discount retailers.

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high speed hair dryer

We do not wish to have your hair cluttered and unkept at anytime of the day especially when we are not in the our bed. Because of this it is necessary to have a personal hair set that would hold all needed tools and products that would certainly assist you to keep your hair effectively brushed. Among the products you would be needing in your is the best high speed hair dryer which made by Olayer China hair dryer company. But what guarantee does one have of coming to buy the most effective high speed hair dryer with the various sorts of hair dryer brands in the market today? Individuals who are even more experienced know that it is insufficient for you to have a high speed hair dryer for you to have your hair styled properly. If the brand of high speed hair dryer you pick is not of high quality, you are most probably not going to wind up in your very best looks. Your hairstyling ability might not be appreciated if your hair dryer is unsatisfactory.

As an indispensible device in the hair equipment, the best high speed hair dryer has helped to stop dripping hair around your home. And if you are lucky to have actually landed yourself with some of the best hair dryers, you would be able to style your tresses in almost any hairstyle of your picking. I require not to worry the demand for a great hair dryer better then. However, before you can decide out of the different sorts of hair dryer brands on the market, you need to make sure to follow several put down policies and overviews that would make the process really simple. This is necessary because without having the specialist guidance to lead you, there is a very high possibility that you would be misguided by the sales representatives in stores where these devices are sold off who are certainly only considering growing their own sales made.

Before a hair dryer can be branded being one of the most effective hair dyers, it must be able to show specific sterling features that marks it out being one of the very best. When due considerations are provided before your purchase is made, you stand a good chance of striking a bargain with the purchase.

You will prefer the high speed hair dryer you get to possess the ability to dry out your hair within the fastest possible time. It is therefore necessary for you to get in touch with the wattage of the high speed hair dryer you are considering. A hair dryer branded as the best hair dryer should have the power to unleash at the very least 1,500 watts. If you have plans to acquire your curly hair straightened, a hair dryer with greater power is needed which would be about 1,800 watts. A specialist hairstylist would certainly want to go for the best hair dryer and this usually is the type you might find with any one of such individuals.

A part of your precious time has to be committed to drying your hair every time it needs drying. You may ought to spend about twenty minutes or even more of your time doing this. When you think about the truth that you will continually need to get the hair dryer had above your head with the nozzle pointing downwards to your hair, then you would also rapidly agree that a light weight belongs to the features that you should search for in identifying the best hair dryer type. A light-weight concept can assist you starting with suffering untold hardship when you set about drying your hair.

Frequently attachments come along with hair dryers. There are nevertheless some sorts or brands of hair dryers that do not offer any attachments in their packages. What may most probably determine the need for certain attachments is your hair type. A curly or wavy hair for example would demand a diffuser. This accessory might help you dry your hair without causing it have tousled or frizzed. A sleek and stylish appearance could be created along with a small nozzle attachment. This is so because the airflow is managed through a more specified hole that gets your hair dried up quicker. Not all hair blowers are mindful of this in the designing of their nozzles. For you to pick the most effective hair dryer that is in the marketplace, verify and discover that the concept it has will provide you nothing at all but the greatest in terms of contentment.

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If you definitely want the most reliable hair dryer your cash can purchase, parts of the things you need to count important to see are the heating and speed adjustings. It always even better for you to go with brands that can supply you at least 3 speed options. This is necessary because you will can access total control over the different steps of your hair drying. The standard procedure when you are set for hair blowing is to start first with high speed and heat which would certainly then be lowered to a cool blow that helps you set your hair in the favored style. Improvement in technology has brought about the availability of ionic, tourmaline and ceramic hair dryers and of these can be the hair dryer that would serve you well.

ceramic cold air hair curler

Welcome to Ceramic cold air hair curler, the place where you can find in place is about the Ceramic cold air hair curler you desire for. Our aim is to supply you with info regarding all sorts of Ceramic cold air hair curler in the colors and dimensions you require to create home your hair look wonderful. With the wide range of choices available from numerous makers, the Ceramic cold air hair curler will certainly assist keep your to appreciate increasingly more the time you spend in every single day, also of offering you with the aesthetic pleasure everyone seeks when they are looking at you. The Ceramic cold air hair curler are user-friendly, and maintain and offer security and reliability.

Getting good trusted Ceramic cold air hair curler is specifically important when you do not have sufficient time or cash to visit costly hair styling shops. No matter how you check out it, hair styling is important for everybody. The Ceramic cold air hair curler will make your hair lovely clean looking and create your time joyous. With the correct size and correct material, your Ceramic cold air hair curler will supply the necessary atmosphere needed to ensure a good mind frame.

Every single woman should carry in her back pack beauty hair tools, and hair is just one of the most essential a lady should care for. cold air hair curlers made by Olayer hair curler wholesale company are utilized in each major salon and should be a must for every person who want to enrich the hair beauty. These days, various materials and methods are used for making the hair look wonderful, and Ceramic cold air hair curler are just among them. Lets face it, convenience performs a large task in our daily lives. Why not take advantage of the trend and stop looking for wonder pills. Curled hair is attractive, as you already understand.

There are just a couple of things that can attract the eyes and beautify a look. Ceramic cold air hair curler are several of them. Lets stop for a second. If it were for you, what hair improvement products would certainly you pick? There are in different designs and colours you can choose for your irons; in addition to lots of layouts you can choose from. Like most other art, it takes dedication and innovation to create our look come to be what we dream. Depending on the amount of time, maintenance, as well as the aesthetic impact, the Ceramic cold air hair curler can be a little difficult to pick. Nevertheless let that not confuse you! There are lots of Ceramic cold air hair curler for your home around. Everywhere you go you can see them. Why not be surrounded by the same magic of beauty in your home?

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The plan of our beauty development begins with our education and learning. Do not worry anymore. There are lots of versions of Ceramic cold air hair curler that could be purchased for your home. Your choice of your Ceramic cold air hair curler will also depend on the style of living you have. But worry not, there are enough irons to meet everyone’s lifestyle out there!

In late October, Creaform, the Québec, Canada–based technology company that offers 3D engineering services and innovative 3D scanners, completed the acquisition of Genicad, a company in Québec City that specializes in engineering, digital and mechanical design, project management and technical drawing.

“The acquisition is part of Creaform’s growth strategies to strengthen regional operations, secure its position as a major player in the industry and expand its range of 3D engineering services to better meet the needs of our clientele,” explains Chief Executive Officer Martin Lamontagne.

Adds Genicad president Michel Cyr: “This is a most significant move for the industry. The synergy between Genicad and Creaform will create the most important 3D engineering services firm in the Québec City area.”

Over the past 20 years, its expertise and quality services have made Genicad a leading player in Quebec’s mechanical design industry. And Creaform, as a 3D engineering partner known for its drive toward innovation and technological development, is expected to build on Genicad’s excellent reputation.

The acquisition of Genicad is the latest in a series of major steps taken by Creaform during the year. Others include the acquisition in January of InSpeck, a world-leading 3D human body digitizing company, the opening of three new offices overseas this summer, and the international launch in October of an all-new product, the MetraScan 3D scanner.

Genicad offices in Québec City will be closed and the existing employees relocated to Creaform’s offices in nearby Lévis. Creaform will keep the Sainte-Claire offices of Genicad open.


There are two parts that create moldings:

  • Injection molding machine
  • Plastic injection tooling

Injection molding machine:

Injection molding is the process of transforming raw polymer into final complex plastic components through the aid the injection mold machine which heat plastic, then apply high pressure on the molten plastics to inject and fill the mold cavity.

An injection mold tool consists of two halves. One model half contains the sprue bushing and runner system. The other half houses the ejector system. The molded part is located at the parting line.

We will treat this in more further detail later on.

Mold tool

A mold tool is constructed from a number of sections but the three main section is:

  • Fixed hall

This contains the cavity of the part to be molded

  • Moving hall

This contains the care of the part to be molded

  • Ejector plate

This contains the ejector pins which push the molded part of the core

One half of the mold tool will have the cavity or the female section of the mold, this half is also where the molten plastic is injected through the sprue runner system. This will be the fixed part of the mold.

The moving part at the mold will have the core or male part of the mold. This section will also include the ejection plate and pins.

The two halves of the molding are separated down a parting line. This is where the two halves of the tool match up.



The clamping unit is what holds the two halves of the mold together during the injection process.

There are three different types of clamp design:

Toggle clamp: is a mechanical device to amplify force. In a molding machine, which consists of two bars joined together with a pivot? The end of one bar is attached to a stationary platen; the other end of a second bar is attached to the moveable platen. When the pressure is applied to the pivot, the two bars form a straight line.

Hydraulic clamp: a clamping unit actuated by hydraulic cylinder, which is directly connected to the moving hall of the tool.



Hydromechanical clamp: this clamping system is a combination of mechanical and hydraulic clamping system to move the toggle a hydraulic cylinder is operated.You see the hydraulic ram closed the tool and the mechanical mechanism has locked the tool in place during the injection process.

Injection of polymer into the plastic mold


The molten polymer is pushed up to end of the injection cylinder by the use of a specially designed rotating screw. Once there are enough molten polymers at the end of the cylinder, the screw then forces it into the mold at a controlled speed and pressure. You can this part of the process here in the short clip.

Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene – (ABS) injection molding

What is ABS?

ABS is an opaque thermoplastic amorphous polymer comprised of three monomers; this makes it an excellent engineering material.

ABS material properties

ABS injection molding has great chemical and thermal stability along with toughness and strength properties. The surface finish after molding is high glass making it perfect for cosmetic applications.

ABS common applications

 ABS plastic injection molding material is a great all-round engineering plastic and can be found in wall sockets, automotive trim, printers, vacuum cleaners, hard hats, kitchen utensils, plastic toys, and musical instruments to name a few.

Poly oxy methylene – (POM) injection molding – Often call acetal

What is POM?

Poly oxy methylene, often acetal, is one of the key engineering plastic. Among plastic element, it is one by the most crystalline structure.

POM injection molding material properties

POM is a high strength, low friction engineering plastic that has excellent wear properties in both wet and dry environments. Easy to machine, acetal makes on outstanding choice for applications that require complex, light tolerances.  

POM common applications

Can be found in small gear wheels, eyeglass frames, ball bearings, ski bindings, fasteners, guns, knife, handles, and lock system. The element is widely accepted in the automotive and customer electronics industry.

Nylon 6 & 6-6 polyamide – (PA6 & PA66) injection molding

What is PA6 & PA66 ?

Nylon (PA) 6 & 66 are both plastic polymers called polyamides, most utmost nylons, including 6 & 66, are semi-crystalline and treat good power and durability for demanding applications.

PA material properties

Nylon injection molding material has high mechanical strength, stiffness, hardness and toughness good fatigue resistance, good sliding properties and wears resistance, good machinability characteristics.

PA common application

Can be found in sleeves and bearings, wear pads, hammer heads, gear wheels, seal rings, cutting boards, marine cleats to name a few.

Polycarbonate – (PC) injection molding

What is a PC?

Polycarbonate (PC) plastics area naturally transports amorphous thermoplastic.

PC material properties

PC is a great when impact resistance and/or transparency are a product requirement (e.g. in bullet – proof glass)

PC common applications

PC is usually used for plastic lenses in eyewear, in medicinal devices, automotive elements, protective gear, greenhouse, digital disks (CDs, DVDs and Blu – ray) and exterior lighting accessories.

Polypropylene – (PP) injection molding

What is PP?

Polypropylene (PP) is a thermoplastic “increasing polymer” obtain from the combination of propylene monomers.

PP injection molding material properties

Some of the most significant properties of PP are good chemical resistance, elasticity and toughness, fatigue resistance, good insulation, good impact resistance. PP is one of the most used plastic in the world today.

PP common application

One of the main characteristics of PP is that it can be molded into a living hinge due to its good fatigue resistance. Other applications include food packaging consumer products, car bumpers, toys, container taps.

Polybutylene terephthalate – (PBT) injection molding

What is PBT?

Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) is semi-crystalline, white or off-white polyester similar in both compositions and properties to polyethylene terephthalate (PET)

PBT injection molding material properties

Resists abrasion temperature moisture effective electrical barrier with superb impact strength Subject to failure if noticed under stress Difficult to mold to extremely tight tolerances

PBT common application

PBT is usually used for food processing machinery purposes when low dampness absorption, resistance to staining or resistance to washing chemicals is required. It can also be found in electronic parts, electronic parts, and auto parts & TV set accessories.

Polymethyl methacrylate – (PMMA) injection molding

What is PMMA?

PMMA or acrylic is a transport thermoplastic homopolymer known more commonly by the trade name “Plexiglas”

PMMA injection molding material properties

PMMA or acrylic is extensively used transparent plastic. it is a tough plastic, easy to shape and a great alternative to the high cost less resilient glass.

PMMA common applications

Its applications in many markets from car windows, smartphone screens to aquariums. Other uses include lenses, acrylic nails, paint, security barriers, medical devices, LCD screens, and furniture.

Thin, light, flexible, and inexpensive plastic electronics are the focus of the Plastic Electronics Conference & Showcase 2005, which will be held October 4 and 5 in Hall 4 at Messe Frankfurt. The international forum and marketplace should attract companies and research institutes active in the field of electrically conductive polymer research and application development.

The international conference programme offers more than 70 presentations by renowned speakers from industry and science who will be introducing the latest developments in organic electronics. Panel discussions with market analysts and representatives from venture capital companies will round out the programme.

Companies such as Bayer, Dai Nippon Printing, Dupont Teijin, MAN Roland, Merck, Nokia, Osram, Plastic Logic, PolyIC, Philips, Siemens, and Xerox will take part in the conference. Additionally, seven symposia will focus on specific aspects of organic electronics research areas, including flexible displays; lighting and signage; photovoltaics; sensors; printed electronics and smart packaging; hybrid systems; and smart textiles.

At the accompanying showcase, a place for information exchange between developers, manufacturers, and users, visitors will be able to receive information about the status of this young technology and rapidly growing new industry and to establish contacts with experts in this sector. The showcase will allow exhibitors to position themselves as first movers in this growth market, where the first products are expected to be introduced in 2006.

Billed as an event “where science and industry meet,” the “Plastic Electronics Conference & Showcase 2005” was initiated by the Plastic Electronics Foundation and is being organized by that group in cooperation with the Organic Electronics Association (OEA) of the German engineering federation VDMA.

The “Plastic Electronics Conference & Showcase” The foundation has set up a science board and an industry board to coordinate the conference programme and select topics. Members are from well-known research institutes, universities, and companies.

OEA, a working group within VDMA, is the information and communication platform for companies and research institutes active in organic electronics. Its goal is to create the basic conditions necessary for the establishment of a competitive infrastructure for organic electronics in Germany and Europe.

The international plastics database CAMPUS is distributed by a group of international resin suppliers, with M-Base Engineering + Software GmbH serving as the software supplier and technology partner of the CAMPUS consortium. Material Data Centre, also run by M-Base, is an Internet platform that offers a broad range of design data for plastics. One part of Material Data Centre, called WebView, contains the complete set of CAMPUS data sheets. Free access to WebView is available at www.materialdatacenter.com or at www.campusplastics.com.

As a consequence of the great success of CAMPUS and Material Data Centre in China, M-Base has developed a Chinese user interface for WebView in order to improve the accessibility of CAMPUS data for those more comfortable working in their native language. Recent studies show that more than 10% of all CAMPUS data requests come from China.

Those interested in using the Chinese version of CAMPUS WebView need only Internet access and a browser that has Chinese fonts.