Hair Straighteners For Thick Hair

Achieving arrow straight locks when your hair is thick constitutes you choosing the best straightener for thick hair to begin with! Thick hair is a bit tougher to deal with, but can certainly be managed. Even thick, straight hair tends to be coarse, and for smooth, shiny, straight hair there are three basic necessities in any hair straightener you choose.

Choosing the best straightener for thick hair:

The first characteristic you should look for is the highest possible heat settings. The maximum heat delivered by the leading models on the market ranges between 380 and 450 degrees F. If you have thick hair, always choose a model that is capable of being heated to 450F. Thick hair holds up to heat better, so with careful use, you won’t stress, damage or burn your hair.

Secondly, if you plan only to use the tool to straighten your hair, and won’t use it for a lot of curling, flipping or twisting, then select a model with wider plates, preferably at least 2 inches wide. These types are rated as a best straightener for thick hair and do the best job of straightening thick, coarse hair in the least amount of time.

Finally, the model you select should employ ceramic tourmaline heaters which emit a steady flow of negative ions. These ions dispel static electricity, and in doing this calm your hair and make it easier to manage. They also allow for more efficient sealing of your hair’s cuticles, locking in natural moisturizers. Finally, they also create infrared heat which is a more gentle way of heating your hair. The result will be that you can safely use higher heat, achieving the desired results without damage. Among the leading hair straighteners on the market, the following all allow for 450F heat and employ ceramic tourmaline technology.

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