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The new medical devices and technology – how medical device manufacturers can reduce risks and costs
The medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers are constantly developing the innovative new medical devices in conjunction with the latest discoveries and advancement in medical technology. The development of new devices requires extensive testing and documentation prior to receiving FDA approval – a result that is not always certain and can easily drive up the costs of development. The need for lower cost techniques for prototyping medical devices, first articles and low volume parts is critical to achieve new developments at costs that can be justified. In addition, “in-house” control & confidentiality are essential during the product development phase.

Cutting costs in prototyping and testing
Prototyping requires low-volume production of parts for testing. In addition, many new medical devices contain a variety of plastic components. The applications may include medial plastic parts for medication dispensing devices, surgical instruments, blood analyzers, heart pumps, orthopedic devices, catheters, EKG units, oxygen dispensers, special electrical plugs and connectors, pacemaker components, thermometers, monitoring equipment, etc. It is necessary that “in-house” injection molding of plastic parts in the low quantities required for rapid prototyping be practical and economical.

MoST-Press plastic injection molding machine offers a significant role in developing these devices for the medical industry at an affordable level. Why? This equipment allows the use of far less expensive molds than would be required for production type molding machines. The utility and vertical operation of the equipment enables the user to make parts from these low cost molds – sometimes operating the plastic molds manually and without mounting in the equipment. By eliminating many of the high cost tooling features of the mold, overall project costs can be reduced into a sensible product development budget, while keeping the confidentiality of designs fully in-house.

Turn to the medical devices application experts for faster ROI
Proven in wide range of applications including pharmaceutical and medical devices, ST-Presses have a track record of reliable, profitable operation for hundreds of large and small companies representing various industries for over 30 years. Many ST-Press users state that their unit paid for itself within the first year. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation. We will assist you in identifying areas of cost saving opportunities for your specific applications.

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